Luodai Old Town

Luodai Old Town

Luodai Ancient Town is a small Hakka themed ancient town located in Luodai Town, Longquan District of Chengdu. There is only a 18km’s driving to the downtown of Chengdu. So what spectacular experience can you expect in Luodai?

Brief History

Luodai Ancient Town is a REALLY OLD tow. It is said Luodai was firstly as a street named Wanjing Street in Han Dynasty. During the Three Kingdom period, the famous Prime minister of Shu – Zhu Geliang carried out many policies to develop those small town with markets, Luodai Town got its second name as Wanfu Street. The current name Luodai was named because of the second emperor of Shu – Liu Chang. His jade belt fell into a will when he was trying to catch a carp fish.

The biggest historical event is the famous "Hu-Guang Fills Sichuan" which was a largest immigration in early Qing Dynasty when many immigrates from Hunan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Fujian and other more than 10 regions moved to Sichuan. And many of immigrates came to Luodai, inhabited here and formed the late Hakkas in Luodai. Today, more than 90% of population in Luodai are Hakkas.

Luodai Ancient Town


Kakka Culture

Kakka is a branch of Han which, at the same time, has blended both some tradition of Han and some local features of Lingnan region(Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Jiangxi…). Hakka spread all over the world, especially in Southern Asia, usually with a small dwelling model in a small town, village.

Kakka is the majority population in Luodai Town with proportion of 90%. The first group of Kakka came to Luodai in the early Qing Dynasty when the entire China including Sichuan had just suffered from a constant war from late Ming Dynasty. The Kakka people brought their practical farming skills and spectacular education system, which changed Luodai town entirely. One great feature of Kakka culture in Luodai is the unique style of buildings which mainly were built during Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. “Five Guilds and One Garden” and “One Street with Seven Alleys” are typical cases. The guilds are the exclusive gathering place for one group of Kakka which together immigrated from the same place. They are used as gathering, ceremonies, opera shows, contacting station, etc.

Luodai Ancient Town


Kakka people in Luodai also have their own festivals, food culture, language system which has already become a scientific study now.

Sites to see

Guangdong Guild

Be the most outstanding building of Luodai Old Town, Guangdong Guild, also known as Nanhua Palace, was built in 1746 during Qing Dynasty by the immigrates from Guangdong region. It is one of the best preserved traditional guilds in China covering more than 3050 square meters. In side the complex, there is a Chinese couplet describes the history of Guangdong Kakka as well as their homesickness.

Jiangxi Guild

Jiangxi Guild was built by Kakkas immigrated from Jiangxi Province in the later Qing Dynasty. It is also known as Wanshou Palace. The most special character is the small opera stage in the courtyard. The guild covers about 1185 square meters situating facing south from north.

Hu Guang Guild

Hu Guang Guild was built by the donation of Kakkas immigrates from both Hunan and Guangdong Province during Qing Dynasty when Qianlong emperor ruled China. It is also named as Dayu Palace since people worship Dayu (great ancient king) in the guild. The strangest thing about this guild is that it is never flooded during flood season even though there is no well and trainers in the guild. The locals believe this as the blessing of Dayu. There is also a Kakka Museum in Hu Guang Guild.

Luodai Ancient Town

Golden Dragon Great Wall

Golden Dragon Great Wall, or Luodai Great Wall, is a imitative young great wall located in Jinlong Town of Luodai. It is about 20 minutes’ driving from Luodai Old Town. It also has the featured buildings of the REAL great wall, such as watching tower, crenel, beacon tower. Though as a fake Great Wall, it is also great experience to hike the foot of great wall to the top where there is a Buddhist temple.

Luodai Ancient Town

Other information

Opening hours: all day

ecommended length of visiting: half day

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