Jinli Old Street

Jinli Old Street

Jinli Old Street is one of the biggest old streets in Chengdu. It is one of the must-sees sites in Chengdu. It is considered part of the Wuhou Shrine. Jinli means the alley of brocade, named after another name of Chengdu. It is a traditional pedestrian street in Chengdu. Jinli is 550 meters’ long and was named the first commercial street in Chengdu. The constructions are from Ming and Qing Dynasty. You can find restaurants, bars and many interesting shops here.

Jinli Old Street

How to Get There

Jinli is next to Wuhou Shrine. It is easily accessed if you take a taxi. And if you use bus, the bus routes 1.10.57. 82.301.334.335.123.521.901.904 all go by Jinli Old Street.

What to see at Jinli Old Street

According to Huayangguozhi, Jinli is the prototype of Jinguan City, the former name of Chengdu.

Souvenir Shops

Walk into the street; first you see shops of all kinds. Shops of traditional kinds sell chopsticks, tea, local food, silk productions, etc. And the stalls of local traditional food or folk customs: Paper-cutting products, flour-made toys, sugar painting, etc. The bars and restaurants are interesting places to see local people sitting there drinking western wine and eating sunflower seeds and talking in local Chengdu dialect.


While you are at Jinli, you are recommended to try the local food here. Other Chinese travelers come to try the food as their main purpose of visiting Jinli. The famous local food include Buckwheat Noodle, Beef bread, Sandapao (a sticky strings of snack rolled together), fermented rice wine, sugar-coated flour balls, sweet and spicy noodle, cool and spicy noodle, stinky Tofu and fried potato. Aside from local Chengdu food, there are also food from all over Sichuan, including Zhangfei Beef, Tangma Bread, Jiujiu Duck Neck, Beef with tofu pudding, Sanhe Bean Paste, Butter Tea, Bobo Chicken, etc.

Generally at Jinli you find authentic local food and the flavor is always authentic as well. Sichuan is one of the places in China that provides delicious food. Here at Jinli you won’t miss the food.

Visiting Guide

Opening hours: all day, no entrance fees needed

ecommended length of visiting: 2 hours

Other interests nearby: Wuhou Shrine

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