Chengdu Culture Park

Chengdu Culture Park

Chengdu Culture Park is a local couture themed park which is located at West Section 2, 1st Ring Road, close to Wenjun Qintai Park and Qingyang Taoist Temple. It covers more than 71,326 square meters consisting of greenbelt ,water lake, towers, stones, statues. The main attraction in the park include Shierqiao Martyrs’s Tombs, Large Relief Art Wall, Zhiji Rock and Octagonal Pavilion, etc.

In the early 1950s, in order to hold the traditional Flower Exhibition, the city government built a avenue on the paddy fields near Qingyang Temple to exhibit flowers, also as a trade market of flowers, trees and other special plants. After the 8th Flower Exhibition, the avenue turned to Qingyang Temple Garden. And walls were build to surround the garden. Until the year 1966, the park was renamed as Chengdu Culture Park by the city government.

Chengdu Culture Monastery

Chengdu Culture Park is an ideal place for sightseeing, take a rest, kill a half day, and take exercise, or have a cup of tea, enjoy the beautiful views of lotus, just like what a local does. It is free of charge throughout all year around except when the annual Chengdu Flower Exhibition is held.

Chengdu Culture Monastery

Things to do in Chengdu Culture Park

Shi’er Qiao Martyrs’s Tombs

On December 7, 1949, over 30 young patriots were killed by Kuomintang in Shi’er Qiao, the suburban of today’s Tonghuimen Street, and were buried in the grassland on the east of Erxian Temple in Qingyang Temple on January 20, 1950.

Chengdu Culture Monastery

Chengdu Government reconstructed the mausoleum of the martyrs in 2001. After the reconstruction, the Mausoleum consists of Martyrs’s Tombs, Exhibition Hall, Plaza and Statue. It now has become a patriotism educational site.

Relief Art Wall

The Relief Art Wall is 12 meters high and 80 meters long. There are more than 100 vivid figure carvings themed by local custom from West Han Dynasty to Today, such as lantern show, flower exhibition, etc, which shows the leisure lifestyle of Chengdu people.

Zhiji Rock

Zhiji Rock is a mysterious road which is 2.12 meters high, 0.8 meters wide, with a strange shape. It was moved from the old Zhiji Rock Street to the park in 1958. It is said the Zhiji Rock was discovered in the tomb of ancient Shu emperor. Archaeologists guess Zhiji Rock is used as sacrificing implement.

Octagonal Pavilion

The Octagonal Pavilion was moved to Chengdu Culture Park from Wuqugong in the northen Chengdu in 1972. It is a typical Chinese pavilion style, but its carving and painting are very beautiful and ornate. The foot of pavilion is carved with lively flowers, birds and quadruped animals. Beautiful paintings were painted on the ceiling.

Chengdu Culture Monastery

Opening hours: 06:00~21:00


  • Kuanzhai Alley: 1.1km
  • Jinli Ancient Street: 1.8km
  • Chengdu Giant Panda Base: 12.9km
  • Wuhou Temple: 1.8km

ecommended length of visiting: 2 hours

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