Chengdu Shu Brocade and Embroidery Museum

Chengdu Shu Brocade and Embroidery Museum

Chengdu Shu Brocade and Embroidery Museum is located by Huanhuaxi Park in Chengdu. This museum features Shu Brocade, Shu Embroideries, Shu Clothing and Looms, the art of making silk products. It is consisted of three major parts: a historical galley of Shu Brocade and Embroidery, a small factory of brocade making and a shop of traditional and modern Shu Brocade and Embroidery products.

Shu Embroidery

What to see at Chengdu Shu Brocade and Embroidery Museum

The Origin of Silk

Precious Shu Embroidery

Chengdu has a civilization of over 3000 years and the history of making brocade and embroidery trace back to about 5000 years ago when the ancestors of Chengdu people try to make new things our of silk. Cancong, one of the first kings of Ancient Shu Kingdom, was believed to be the leader who introduced silk production in Chengdu and evidence was found on the excavations from Sanxingfui that shows the early loyalties wore silk-made brocade in their tombs.

Shu Brocade Patterns

Shu Embroidery Artist making Embroideries

Shu Brocade is the proof of good living standard. The patterns on brocade change through times. The patterns on the brocade corresponds the culture, fashion of that specific period of time in the history of Chengdu. In the gallery of Shu Brocade and Embroidery, clothing lovers can learn a lot about the change of patterns on Shu Brocade.

Embroidery History

Shu Embroidery is one of the four most popular embroideries in China. The other three are Su Embroidery (from Jiangsu Province), Xiang Embroidery (from Hunan Province) and Yue Embroidery (from Guangdong Province). Embroideries are considered one of the cultural essences of Chinese civilization. In this gallery exhibited are best-selected masterpieces of Shu Embroideries.

Costumes Collections

As time goes on, the most symbolic costumes of Ming and Qing Dynasties include vest, riding-jacket, cheongsam, horse-face skirt and three golden lotuses. Although considered strange and mysterious, the costumes of Ming and Qing Dynasties and the embroidery pieces collected in this the museum are truly exquisite artwork.

Loom History (Brocade Making Machines)

A small section of this museum is solely for the machines. The wooden machines are with actual sizes or with smaller sizes. These machines are modified through generations of Chengdu people make it into the latest look. The big Shu Brocade weaving machine are listed as an important cultural heritage by local government. Sometimes there are people working on the machine.

How to Get There

It is located between 1st and 2nd Ring Road. Anywhere within 2nd Ring Road in Chengdu, you can arrive here within 30 minutes by taxi.

Suggested time of stay 1 hour

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