Sichuan Winter Holiday – recommended places for fun

Winter is the shoulder season for Sichuan tourism. While people are not willing to spend their holiday watching tv shows at home. For some reason, I think winter is a great time for traveling in Sichuan. So where can you go?

Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain is only about 100 km away from Chengdu city. It is a great place for weekend holiday or a short stay. It is located in Dayi county.Xiling Snow Mountain

It offen snows in winter, which makes Xiling Mountain a perfect place for ski. There is a Ski Resort covering more than thousands square meters about 2400 meters above sea level.

Besides the ski activities, you can also do some hiking while enjoying stunning forest views.

Emei Mountain

Emei Mountain is suitable for visiting all years around. While in winter, you will experience some thing different.Emei Mountain in winter

It sometimes snow in winter. So you can also take part in some ice activities. And in wither, it seems that the daytimes are always sunny while a little bit cold in early morning and late night. So please remember to pack warm clothes.

It is not very suggested hike up to the top of Emei Mountain in winter. The snow melt into water, which makes walking difficult. So you can take bus from Baoguosi to Leidongping, then take cable car to Golden Summit. The sunrise and sunset views from here are most breathtaking scenery.