Hailuogou Glacier Park in December

December is a good season to travel to Hailuogou. Hailuogou Glacier Park is one of the biggest glacier parks in China. It has big and amazing glaciers from the peaks of Minya Konka.

Hailuogou in December
Hailuogou Glacier Park Travel

From April to October, you will have higher possibilities of raining weather while traveling to Hailuogou Glacier Park. Spring is from late March to early June in Hailuogou. Spring is still very cold but also you may have raining days while traveling there in this season. From June to September it is the monsoon season at Hailuogou Glacier Park. From October the weather will be better but it will also get colder. December is the winter time. It is dry and usually will have clear sky, which makes it a good season because you can see the peak of Minya Konka from the park. If you travel to Hailuogou in other seasons, you have higher chances to catch rain or fog.

Heavy Snow in Kangding in February, 2016

Last Week in Kangding we had a heavy snow. Road to Zheduo Pass was closed due to the heavy snow. Drivers had to put the chains on the wheels while driving. And many self-driving visitors stuck in Kangding for a while.

Zheduo Pass
Kangding Travel Season

Heavy snow is normal in Kangding in winter. Usually the first snow came by October each year and last until the next April. But in a sunny day it can be quite warm. And in Kangding in winter, there are usually more sunny days than snowy days.

If you plan to travel here in winter, it is better to read the weather forecast before hand and prepare for possible bad weather. Sunglasses are necessary to protect your eyes from the snow everywhere and a strong walking boots are helpful.

Watch Sunrise at Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain is a 3000+ meters mountain near Chengdu. It provides people a perfect place to watch sunrise, ski and hiking.

If one wants to go watch sunrise at Xiling Snow Mountain, the best season would be winter when it is dry. The duration is considered from mid-December until the next mid-February. Travel to Xilinig Snow Mountain in this season, one shall has the highest possibility of catching a sunrise by the top of Xiling Snow Mountain.

Sunrise at Xiling Snow Mountain
Xiling Snow Mountain Travel Season

To do this, you need to drive from Chengdu for about 1 hour and use the cable car and bus to reach your hotel. There are not too many hotels at Xiling, so an early booking is usually necessary. The sunrise watching time is by around 7:00 am. One needs to get up and use another cable car to reach the top in time.

Winter is the snowing season at Xiling, the temperature drops below 0C especially in the morning. So one needs to be prepared for the cold weather. Other activities you can do by the top of Xiling include skiing or hiking to Yinyang Ridge.

Traveling to Mount Emei in January

Is January a good season to travel to Mount Emei? It is generally. Mount Emei is busy throughout the year. In Spring time, the weather is good and it is also the flower season so a lot of visitors come to visit Mount Emei in spring. In the summer, Mount Emei is cooler than it is in the city, plus it is school summer vacation, there are a lot of students come to do the hiking. In fall it is considered a good season to travel anywhere so it is also very busy.

Mount Emei covered in Snow
Mount Emei in January

Winter at Mount Emei is also busy though. At Mount Emei there is a ski resort; lots of families like to ski with kids in winter at Mount Emei. And in winter mount Emei has probably the best weather comparing the misty spring and fall and the raining summer, Mount Emei in winter actually has the most sunny days of the four seasons. To watch the sunrise is a big deal in China and Mount Emei provides perfect place to watch a sunrise in Sichuan. Snow may also be a big deal as the snow at Mount Emei presents itself as a total white land.

So please don’t be surprised to see so many people at Mount Emei if you are traveling there in January.

What is the best time to travel to Chengdu?

The best season to travel to Chengdu is from March to November.

Weather in Chengdu
Chengdu Climate Information

Chengdu locates in the sub-tropical region so its climate is also sub-tropical. Generally mild climate not too hot in summer neither too cold in winter. Average temperature is about 16C with extremes highest at 37C and lowest at -6C. It has four distinct four seasons although spring and fall feel short. The monsoon season is in July and August, they are also the hottest season of the year. Temperature of July and August are as high as 35C. Heavy shower are best possibly seen in July and August.

Chengdu Climate
Detailed Weather Information of Chengdu

The days of rainfall drop to the lowest by December and January, which being the coldest time of the year as well. The temperature of December and January in Chengdu drops to 0C sometimes even a bit lower. Buy snow is not common in Chengdu.

Summer is humid and your skin will normally feel sticky. May and September may have the biggest temperature difference in a day but it is the most comfortable time weather-wise. September may also see a consecutive days of drizzling for up to 3 weeks. Winter in Chengdu is the least favored season probably. The air quality becomes the worst in December and January.