Tibet of Western Sichuan

There are places in Sichuan that are unknown to the world. We may have learnt that to travel to Tibet you need to use a travel company and have a special permit. Well the western part of Sichuan is geologically and culturally Tibet, if you have not heard.

This part of China is known as western Sichuan and from a Tibetan perspective, the Kham. It is home to over two millions of Tibetan people and also many beautiful and yet unexplored places.

There is the Shambala of Yading, the unexplored lakes of Rangtang, the unnamed peaks of Genyen,etc. TI think the world is still a wonder and full of surprises by looking at these places. 

Sertar (Seda) Wuming Buddhist School in May

Sertar Wuming Buddhist School is open to the public. Everyone can visit it in 2016. It is located 20km south to the town of Seda and one full day’s drive from Chengdu.

Sertar Buddhist School
Sertar Buddhist School

It is one of the favorate places in Sichuan for photographers. The stunning views of Sertar are of densely built monk dormitories and temples in the valley of Larungga. At present the road at some sections are still under construction but it will be compeleted soon. By then the driving will be shorter from Chengdu.

The Town of Ganzi (Ganzixian)

Ganzixian is located in the northwest of Ganzi Prefecture. It is one of the centers of northern Kham. It is 385km northwest to the town of Kangding. Ganzi means holy and beautiful. This meaning does not exaggerated even a little. Ganzi is truly holy and beautiful. The history of Ganzi dates back to about 1300 years ago.


Ganzi Yalong River
Ganzi xian Travel Information

Over 95% of its population is Tibetan people. And the total population is about 60 thousand. Compare to other places in Kham, Ganzi is less drier but similarly cold. The town of Ganzi locates at the elevation of around 3400 meters. It has a lot of sunlight throughout the year.The town is currently under construction (in 2015) due to the need for more space to live and for a better traffic situation. This town will have its first airport in the next few years.