Tiantaishan – remarkable natural resort

tiantsishan trip

The last time I visited Tiantaishan was on June of 2012. Nearly after  3 years, I can still remember every detai and experience of this trip clearly because Tiantaishan is such a impressive place. Even though it was a rainy day, but we had a wondeful time.

There are several cultural facts about Tiantaishan. Tiantaishan means the stage for the heaven. Ancient Sichuan people fated and praise for good luck and harvest to the gods of heaven on Tiantaishan. The most famous was made by Dayu(大禹) before he regulated rivers and deafeat flood. There used to be prosperous religious exist of both Taoism and Buddhism in Tiantaishan. But most of monasteries were destroyed during constant wars in Qionglai regions. 

The best highlight in Tiantaishan is the brilliant mountain and water views. Mountains here are not very high, but they  stand close to each other with increasing altitudes, and get green cover of plants.