Hottest Days Come in Sichuan

“On July 11, many regions in Sichuan “warmly weclomed” the highest temprature of recent months, “reported by Sichuan Online.

According to weather records from Sichuan Meteorological Bureau, the highest temprature reached 33 ℃ in regions including Chengdu, Meishan, Leshan, Neijiang, Suining, Panzhihua, Bazhong. Other regions, such as Dazhou, Guangan, Nanchong, Luzhou, Yibing, Ziyang, Zigong, recorded highest temprature of 35 ℃.

There are many ways of getting rid of “Hot Summer” – going to cooler plateau, hide in the deep forests, swimming, etc. Yes, swimming is a good way to cool ourselves, which is at the same time a relaxing activity. Sihai, or Dead Sea, is a very popular place for swimming in Sichuan. It is a great choice, but YOU HAVE TO GET A ROOM FOR SWIMMING, OR JUST STAND IN THE WATER?

Hot summer in Sichuan

Well, swimming is usually a local activity for native families. For regular tourists who want to travel in summer. I suggest you cool down yourself in a famous quiet mountain – Emeishan or Qingchengshan, or enjoy a leisure stay in Ruoergai Prairies, or visit the breathtaking waterscape in Jiuzhaigou.