Shijing Monastery of Longquan in Chengdu

Shijing Monastery is a Chinese Buddhist Monastery built in late Eastern Han Dynasty about 1800 years ago. It is located 50km south east to the city of Chengdu. It is a tranquil Buddhist complex and a nice place to have a day trip to.

Longquan Shijing Monastery
Shijing Monastery of Longquan

Shijing means Buddhist books carved on stone. Shijing Monastery was called Lingyin Monastery from Tang Dynasty and it is considered one of the Great Buddhist Lin of Sichuan. It was refurnished in Ming Dynasty in about 1500BC and used as the first sacred place for the great Buddhist master of Tsongkhapa, an important figure in Tibetan history. Shijing Monastery is composed of different halls built along the slope of the mountain side of Longquan.

Ganzi Monastery

Ganzi Monastery is located at Ganzi town in western Sichuan in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Region. It is one of the 13 Huoer Holy Monasteries in Tibet.

Ganzi Monastery
Ganzi Monastery

It has a history of about 400 years and later destroyed during the Cultural Revolution and rebuilt in around 1980. It is one of the biggest monasteries in this area. The number of the monks topped in Qing Dynasty at around 3000 but today it has about 400 monks. It is also a Gelugpa Monastery. This monastery is four-story tall and many monk dormitories around the temple. One of the leaders of Ganzi Monastery used to be one of the three candidates of the 11th Dalai Lama. It inherited its tradition of Gelugpa study of Buddhism. Travelers visiting Ganzi can have drive to the monastery for only about 10 minutes up to the mountain side, from where you can view the whole town of Ganzi and also the mountain range lying by the south of the town.