Shopping at Chengdu Global Center

The Global Center in Chengdu is the biggest building in the world: 500 meters’ long, 400 meters’ wide and 100 meters’ tall. It is one of the biggest shopping areas in Chengdu.

Chengdu Global Center
Shopping at Chengdu Global Center

One can easily get lost in the building. If you are going shopping, enter the building from the very middle gates because the gates by sides are for the office buildings on both sides. The shopping malls are located in the middle on the four different floors. On the first floor is juniors play ground and shopping areas, second floor are mainly shopping areas, third floor are sections for kids and the fourth floor and the floor underground are food quarters.

A total of half day is necessary if you are a shopper as this is a huge place.

Square Dancing

What is square dancing? It is a group dancing popular among senior Chinese people especially the women. In every city in China, you may see groups of old women doing square dancing where there is a big space, usually in an open square. The dances vary from fast-beat modern style to slow and traditional Chinese or other ethnic dancing.

Square Dancing in Emeishan
Baba Dancing is popular in China

It brought disputes between workers and dancers in 2014 that the workers thought the music they used to dance were too loud that had actually violated their lives and work. But the old ladies thought it was actually alright and they justified themselves with the fact that they don’t have other options for physical or social activities.

Almost every city in China is crowded, and places have been used for apartment buildings or office buildings, which left little space for individuals to do exercise. The dancings are usually seen in the parks aside from the big or small squares they use. Most dancers do the dancing after dinner from 19:00-21:00 everyday.

Watchers are always welcome to join in the dancing groups and you don’t need to pay any money or possesses any requirement to join the group. It is basically open to everyone. There is also no requirement on how well you dance. And the moves are simple and easy to follow. For the individual dancers, the square dancing is a great opportunity to associate themselves to other people and to make friends. It is not like any exclude club that only certain people can join. It is very free and open to everyone.

What kind of square dancings are there? The most popular one can be generalized as traditional Chinese dancing. It is usually featured with arm moves and turns, sometimes involve folding fans used by fancier dancers. Another one dancing is a more modern dancing that usually involves fast moves of your body, arms and legs. This kind of dancing is usually done by a big group. There is another dancing which is very interesting. It is an imitation of the western Waltz. And it is usually a group of pairs of a man and a woman. Sometimes in the parks, there are groups of dancers doing a slow traditional sword dancing. It is derived from traditional martial arts and evolved into dancing today. Dancers of this kind usually wear a specific uniform to dance together.

Foreign visitors may expect old people doing Taichi in the parks and sometimes end up watching people doing square dancing. Do they practice Taichi in today’s China at all? Yes, but you had better to go there in the early morning if you want to watch people practice Taichi. Because it needs quiet environment for Taichi practicing so the Taichi practitioners prefer early and quiet morning when the majority dancing army have not yet come to ruin the quietness in the parks.