Ancient Painting in Tagong Monastery

Tagong Monastery is among the oldest monasteries in eastern Tibet. It was built in Tang Dynasty in the 7th Century by Princess Wencheng. It remained as a old complex through the ages. The paitings on its wall of the temple are considered valued artistic works from monks before.

The color remained the same as the picture was painted and they outlive the wall itself. The paintings are another version of Thangkha, only not on a cloth but wall. Now they are protected as treasures in the monastery.

Heavy Snow in Kangding in February, 2016

Last Week in Kangding we had a heavy snow. Road to Zheduo Pass was closed due to the heavy snow. Drivers had to put the chains on the wheels while driving. And many self-driving visitors stuck in Kangding for a while.

Zheduo Pass
Kangding Travel Season

Heavy snow is normal in Kangding in winter. Usually the first snow came by October each year and last until the next April. But in a sunny day it can be quite warm. And in Kangding in winter, there are usually more sunny days than snowy days.

If you plan to travel here in winter, it is better to read the weather forecast before hand and prepare for possible bad weather. Sunglasses are necessary to protect your eyes from the snow everywhere and a strong walking boots are helpful.