Hailuogou Glacier Park in December

December is a good season to travel to Hailuogou. Hailuogou Glacier Park is one of the biggest glacier parks in China. It has big and amazing glaciers from the peaks of Minya Konka.

Hailuogou in December
Hailuogou Glacier Park Travel

From April to October, you will have higher possibilities of raining weather while traveling to Hailuogou Glacier Park. Spring is from late March to early June in Hailuogou. Spring is still very cold but also you may have raining days while traveling there in this season. From June to September it is the monsoon season at Hailuogou Glacier Park. From October the weather will be better but it will also get colder. December is the winter time. It is dry and usually will have clear sky, which makes it a good season because you can see the peak of Minya Konka from the park. If you travel to Hailuogou in other seasons, you have higher chances to catch rain or fog.