Tibet of Western Sichuan

There are places in Sichuan that are unknown to the world. We may have learnt that to travel to Tibet you need to use a travel company and have a special permit. Well the western part of Sichuan is geologically and culturally Tibet, if you have not heard.

This part of China is known as western Sichuan and from a Tibetan perspective, the Kham. It is home to over two millions of Tibetan people and also many beautiful and yet unexplored places.

There is the Shambala of Yading, the unexplored lakes of Rangtang, the unnamed peaks of Genyen,etc. TI think the world is still a wonder and full of surprises by looking at these places. 

Xian Nairi of Yading in Sichuan

As one of the three holy mountains set at Yading Nature Reserve, Xian Nairi is the tallest of them all, measured as 6000 meters. 

It is the first mountain you see when you travel to Yading: a stunning peak standing in front of you is quite shocking. The snow on top of the miuntain forever stay up there. 

Yading of Daocheng is a very far place to travel to though. You will need at least two days by driving. Now they have an airport that allows you to fly there within two hours but many visitors suffer the mountain sickness due to its high elevation above sea level. At Yading the altitude is basically above 4000 meters, making the walking in the park a challenge. However lots of visitors cone here to see the beatiful views in spite of these challenges because its beauty worths the efforts.