Chengdu East Railway Station

Chengdu east railway station is the biggest railway station in Chengdu. It is located by the eastern suburb near the third ring road. It runs mainly fast trains in and around Sichuan Province.


chengdu East Railway Station
Sichuan Chengdu east railway station travel tip

The station is very big. Many people found it difficult to navigate themselves in the station. It has two distinguish locations which are called East Square and West Square. It has three levels in total. The ground level is in the middle level and it is the platform level where passengers get on and off the train. The upper level is the departure level and there are ticket offices by the entrance on both East and West squares. And the lower level is for arrivals. So if you depart from Chengdu east railway station, go to the upper level. If you arrive, you will arrive and finally be out at the lower level. If you wish to use public transport, go to the ground level where you can find buses and taxis and even a scheduled shuttle bus to the airport. If you are using subway, go even lower from the lower level. The subway is easy to access because the sighs are clear and the entrances for subways are just by the exits from your train.

Please notice that if you are traveling with big luggage, try to double-check the exact locations you want to go (for example, either the place to take taxi or the place to take the airport shuttle bus) with the polices there. Because some of the elevators are not working and it’s not easy and will waste a lot of time to drag your luggage around the big station.

And the workers at the station are not too many. For international travelers, if you need any information and try to find some help, you may ask the police. There are plenty of them.