Shopping at Chengdu Global Center

The Global Center in Chengdu is the biggest building in the world: 500 meters’ long, 400 meters’ wide and 100 meters’ tall. It is one of the biggest shopping areas in Chengdu.

Chengdu Global Center
Shopping at Chengdu Global Center

One can easily get lost in the building. If you are going shopping, enter the building from the very middle gates because the gates by sides are for the office buildings on both sides. The shopping malls are located in the middle on the four different floors. On the first floor is juniors play ground and shopping areas, second floor are mainly shopping areas, third floor are sections for kids and the fourth floor and the floor underground are food quarters.

A total of half day is necessary if you are a shopper as this is a huge place.

The Thing about Negotiation in China

Don’t believe they tell you in travel books that you can negotiate in China. It has changed a lot since 5 years ago. Most of the shops at many places are non-negotiable, just like the shops in the west where the goods all have price tags.

China has changed a lot and is still changing.

Jiangjia - Bargin
Negotiation in China

Price on everything has raised a lot since 2008 in China. Ten years ago your USD100 can survive you for over 4 days but now it may be gone within one day. So don’t get surprised if you are quoted a high price by someone when you are buying things in China.
But where are places where I can negotiate? You can almost tell if a place is negotiable. Places like big shopping malls, well-decorated big or small shops are usually non-negotiable. But it also depends on where the shop is located. If the shop is located in a busy and prosperous area or near a tourist place, no bargain is expected. If it is like a very local and not by any big centers, you can try negotiating. And of course, that is only when you are in a big city. If you are traveling in small towns or cities, there are more shops you can negotiate.

Chengdu Songxianqiao Antique Market

Songqiaoqiao Antique Market is located next to Huanhuaxi Park, Dufu’s thatched cottage and the Sichuan Museum. It is called Antique art town. Songxianqiao means the bridge where it departs a Taoist deity. The Taoist deity is Lvdongbin, one of the 8 saints in Taoism. Lv was believed to have departed from here after his visit to the nearby Qingyang Taoist Temple.

The antique market was established in 1998 and after a decade’s time, it is a little flourished now. In the market, the shops and stalls are one after another. Walking in the market is like walking in a maze. The decent business antique people usually own a shop and have a decent name of his shop. Usually they have a clean and well displayed collection in their shops but only one deal in a month probably.

Chengdu Songxianqiao Antique Market
Chengdu Songxianqiao Antique Market

The vendors in the market are mainly from other places of China. They are not local Chengdu people. What they sell are also from other places include ancient brick, potteries, ivory products, Buddhist decorative items, teapot, jade, stamps, paintings, old books and many kinds of things from old times. Among these street vendors’ “antiques”, few of them are genuine. But considering the price, some items are very good decorations.

Old Books at Chengdu Songxianqiao Antique Market
Songxianqiao Antique Market at a Glance

Do not miss the market on the second floor. On the ground floor you may see big items from vases to stone tablets, but on the second floor, there is a Chinese painting market. Among the over 20 painting houses with different styles of painting, you may find the kind of painting you like. The other market on the second floor is the stone market. There they have a wide collection of stones include fossils, crystals, etc.

Chengdu Lotus Market (Hehuachi Market)

Lotus market is a local clothing wholesale market in Chengdu. It is located at the north of Chengdu next to the second ring road close to Chengdu railway station. Thousands of clothes shops selling all kinds of cheap and low quality clothes and pants. Here you can see the spirit of “made in China”. There are hundreds of stalls in a few big malls.

Chengdu Lotus Market
Chengdu Lotus Market Cheap Clothes

It is a very interesting place. They sell clothes for men, clothes for women and clothes for kids. And there are also shoes, toys, hats, socks, etc. And this is a place you can try your negotiation skills.

Women Stocking at Chengdu Hehuachi Market
Chengdu Lotus Market at a glance