The Season of Spring Thus Onto

Today is Lichuan according to Chinese 24 Farming calendar. It symbolizes the beginning of spring. It also gives good wishes to the upcoming year. Lichun usually falls around Chinese New Year that is why the Chinese New year is also called Spring Festival. Lichuan marks the beginning of a new year and reminds people to prepare to work.

Onto Spring

However Lincun follows the western Calendar instead of the Chinese Lunar calendar as we used it before. The Chinese Lunar Calendar is also called Farming Calendar because most of Chinese people in a thousand years ago are farmers. Our ancestors need some calendar to record the change of the season in order to to punctual on farming.

Happy Lichun!

Where the locals like to spend Spring Festival resort in Sichuan?

Though many people have already returned back to their job, while it is still in the middle of Spring festival according to Chinese tradition. The Spring Festival is the biggest event for each Chinese family. Different family spend the festival with different way. Well, most people choose to stay at home with their families to enjoy the lovely gathering time. But recent years, more and more people like to go out to spend a spectacular Spring Festival. So what kind of places people like to go in Spring Festival?

People often prefer places which have Buddhist monasteries or Taoist temples. You may ask why? As you know, the Spring Festival is a special festival which is bursting with happiness and bless. So people usually like to pray for good blessing from God or ancient ancestors in Spring Festival. When people plan a vacation in Spring Festival, they put the cultural blessing as the prior factors. Of course the places which have both culture and nature experience are the most popular destinations to go.Spring Festival in Sichuan

In Sichuan, people usually travel within own provincial regions as Sichuan itself has many popular places to travel all year around. Then where the locals like to spend Spring Festival resort in Sichuan? Flowing is the list:

Mount Emei Spring Festival

  1. Mount Emei
  2. Leshan Giant Buddha
  3. Dujiangyan
  4. Qingchengshan Mountain
  5. Wuhou Monastery
  6. Wenshu Temple
  7. Qingyang Temple
  8. Jiuzhaigou
  9. Langzhong
  10. Shunan Bamboo Forest