Giant Panda Mom and Child

How does a Panda mom raise her child? #panda #pandas #giantpanda #pandabear #pandatravel #photooftheday #fun #mom

Time Flies

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sichuan panda

How time flies! Let’s cherish every moment we are having!

Panda Shuang Xiong

Little panda Shuang Xiong (双雄)- real master of keeping balance on the tree! 

Snapping Panda

Panda like snapping on the tree even in winter. Actually they are not cold at all! #panda #pandas #giantpanda #pandabear #winter #photooftheday #funny #china #chengdu

Chengdu Adorable Panda Cub

Chengdu Panda 2017Growing Giant Panda Cub – Xiao Hui in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. #panda #giantpanda #pandabear #pandas #weekend

Atlanta Zoo Panda

  Atlanta Zoo Panda

Three months old twin pandas, Yalun and Xilun, in Atlanta Zoo, US. 

Hottest Days of Chengdu

From middle August the weather in Chengdu is very hot and no rain. These two weeks are the hottest time of the year in Chengdu. 

So if you are traveling to Chengdu at this time of the year,  expect to walk and tour in the heat.

Also if you are going to visit the pandas, please do go there early in the morning while some pandas are still chilling outside of their rooms enjoying the cool morning and not lying on a big ice cube in their rooms. An early visit can also avoid you walking in a lot of people and fighting your way while visiting. There are a lot of visitors here at the panda base during summer.

Wolong Panda Base was closed

Wolong Panda Base, or Wolong Panda Nature Reserve, was closed years ago after the earthquake in 2008. Being the ever first panda base in China that dedicated to protect the lovely pandas, it is now a mainly wild training center that is unavailable to visitors at this moment.

New Wolong Panda Base
New Wolong Panda Base is open

Many visitors/ animal lovers want to see pandas in the wild more than in a zoo, or something similar to a zoo will want to see pandas in Wolong. So where do you go now? There is actually a place near Wolong where you have a chance to see pandas in the wild but it will take you up to a week’s time. It is called Huangcaoping in Wenchuan. For any animal observers or animal photographers who want to take photos of these wild pandas and have a trip there, please contact our expert from Sichuan Travel Guide.

How to Get to Chengdu Panda Breeding Base from the City using Public Transfer

There are a few ways of getting to Chengdu Panda Base from the city.

Chengdu Panda Base Travel Tips
Chengdu Panda Base
  1. Bus

Bus routes 87, 198, 198a will pass Chengdu Panda Base.

Route 87 goes between Chengdu Zhaojusi Bus Station between Longtansi Gongyeyuan. Both terminals are a little far from the city center. So you need to transfer to Zhaojuesi Bus Station(the one terminal that is closer to the city center, easier to get to) first.

Route 198 and 198a departs from Chengdu Zoo Bus Station, it is also a little far from the city center. You also need to get to Chengdu Zoo first and transit to route 198 or 198a.

Bus ticket cost 2 yuan per ride.

  1. Chengdu Tourist Shuttle Bus

There are Tourist sites shuttle buses you can consider. This way is easier as they are running between major tourist sites in Chengdu. You can find more information of this here. The cost is usually below 15 depends on where you start.

  1. Taxi

Taxi costs about 30 to 40 yuan from the center of the city to Chengdu Panda Base.