Baiyan Temple in Chengdu

Baiyan Temple is a Tibetan Buddhist temple that is located in Dayi near Chengdu. It is the evidence of an ancient complex of Buddhism in southern China. It is believed to be built first in Eastern Han Dynasty by an Indian monk and later became a Tibetan temple.

It is featured with it’s many ginko trees and the construction on a mountain side. These many ginko trees were planted by monks from Ming Dynasty which was 500 years ago. 

Baiyan Temple is only 80km away from Chengdu and by driving it takes about 1.5 hours. It provides a good day walk. At weekend it attracts lots of people especially during the “golden leaves ” season of the ginko trees, which is the second and third week of November when it is believed to be the best season to visit. However, summer is also a good season to see the leafy woods.

To visit this temple, no entry fee is required.