Chengdu Sichuan Food Museum

There is a Sichuan Food (Chuan Cai) Museum in Chengdu. It was not old and open to the public everyday, One can learn how to cook Sichuan food there. They have an open course to teach Sichuan Food cooking skill.

Sichuan Food Museum
Sichuan Food Museum

This museum is located 20km west to the city of Chengdu and a museum dedicated to provide information about the history of Sichuan Food, the kitchen wares used in Sichuan food cooking as well as the much information about Sichuan Food itself.

Learn to Cook Sichuan Food
Sichuan Food Cooking Course

This is a good place to learn Sichuan Food and learn to cook Sichuan Food for food lovers. A reservation is necessary if you want to join in one of the courses here. You can contact us to have more information about this.

Chengdu Niujiaozhai Grand Buddha Hiking

Except the Leshan Grand Buddha, there is also a Renshou Grand Buddha Statue near Chengdu. It is called Renshou Grand Buddha. It is located 60km south to the city of Chengdu and in a village called Niujiaozhai. A day’s hiking trip is a perfect way of discovering this place.

Chnegdu Grand Buddha
Chengdu Grand Buddha Day Hike

Renshou Grand Buddha was built at the beginning of the 8th Century. It was completed even earlier than the Leshan Grand Buddha Statue. This statue is a half Buddha from chest to head top. It is in total 16 meters and it is believed that the Leshan Grand Buddha was a copy of this Buddha actually. This place has long been a sacred place among local people.

A hiking trip to visit this place starts from Gaojiazhen and the walking is about 5 hours. The hiking trip visit the Buddha and great views of the farming terraces at the lower mountains south to Chengdu. This hiking trip maybe one of the best day hikes in Chengdu.

Chengdu Zhaogongshan Day Hike

Mount Zhaogong, or Zhaogongshan is a good place in Chengdu to do a day hike. Zhaogongshan is one of the mountains located west to Dujiangyan and one of the Taoist mountains around this place. It is 70km’s drive from Chengdu, you can arrive there by only 1.5 hours’ of driving.

Mount Zhaogongshan in Chengdu - Chengdu Day Hike
Mount Zhaogong Hiking

The hiking is quite difficult in one day due to it is very steep. Elevation gain is about 1200 meters and will descend the same distance and elevation. Considering this and the steep trails, the walking is quite strenuous. It will normally need about 3-4 hours walking up and about 3 hours walking down. Time to do the hiking is from April to October for it is warmer and without snow on the trial. When there is snow, it is much more difficult to walk. Because it is quite strenuous, this day hike may not be a perfect place to spend one day there walking, but if you are well trained or want to be trained, this is the perfect place for you.

Also this place is one of the natural habitats of wild pandas. On the trial you can see many bamboos growing everywhere. One needs to be really lucky to see a panda in the wild here.