How to pick up train tickets in Chengdu?

Places to pick up train tickets:

Chengdu North Railway Station(成都站), Chengdu East Railway Station(成都东站) and Chengdu South Railway Station(成都南站)

What to bring to pick train tickets up?

Your passport and your online booking number.

Railway station office time: 24 hours

So after you have booked train tickets online, how to pick them up?

To book the train tickets, you can go online there are ways of booking train tickets in China but everything will be easier if you read or speak Chinese. After you have booked the train tickets, you need to pick them up before you use the train.

Chengdu East Railway Station
Chengdu Train Transfer

In 2016, the picking up has become more difficult. You will need to go to the station and show your booking number and your passport. Normally you can pick it up before you get on the train, which means you will need to arrive at the train station earlier, normally 30 to 60 minutes. If you wish to pick up the train tickets earlier than this, you will need to go to a train station, any train station to do this. Before 2016, you can actually do this at any train ticket office, which are located at many places in a city. But now the railway administration has made this more difficult for international travelers.

In Chengdu, there are 3 stations that you can pick up your train tickets. Normally you don’t need to get to a train station too early if you want to ride the train, 30 minutes will be ok but when you are traveling and it is somewhere you are not familiar with, it is better to arrive at there earlier, for example, 40 minutes. If you also want to have time for the train tickets picked up at the train station, you can arrive there 60-90 minutes earlier, that will give you enough time. In Chengdu, there are Chengdu North Railway Station(成都站), Chengdu East Railway Station(成都东站) and Chengdu South Railway Station(成都南站) with another Chengdu West Railway Station to be open this in 2016. These places are by far (March, 2016) the only places where an international travel can pick up their train tickets.

Hailuogou Glacier Park in December

December is a good season to travel to Hailuogou. Hailuogou Glacier Park is one of the biggest glacier parks in China. It has big and amazing glaciers from the peaks of Minya Konka.

Hailuogou in December
Hailuogou Glacier Park Travel

From April to October, you will have higher possibilities of raining weather while traveling to Hailuogou Glacier Park. Spring is from late March to early June in Hailuogou. Spring is still very cold but also you may have raining days while traveling there in this season. From June to September it is the monsoon season at Hailuogou Glacier Park. From October the weather will be better but it will also get colder. December is the winter time. It is dry and usually will have clear sky, which makes it a good season because you can see the peak of Minya Konka from the park. If you travel to Hailuogou in other seasons, you have higher chances to catch rain or fog.

The Quickest Way to get to Jiuzhaigou from Chengdu

Jiuzhaigou Scenic Park is located 450km north to the city of Chengdu. It is one of the most beautiful places in China. It is called the fairy land on earth.

Jiuzhaigou in Summer
JIuzhaigou Travel Tips

A Jiuzhaigou trip will at least need 2 and half days. To get to Jiuzhaigou from Chengdu, the quickest way is by flying. Check the flights to Jiuzhaigou from Chengdu and other places in China. The flight takes about 1 hour. The drive to the airport to Chengdu is about 30 minutes and the drive to Jiuzhaigou Park from Jiuzhaigou Airport is about 2 hours. So you will spend at least 4 to 5 hours on the transfer from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou. But it is still quicker than using the ground transfer, which will usually takes up to 10 hours by driving.

Remember the elevation at Jiuzhaigou Airport is quite high at 3500 meters. And in Jiuzhaigou it is normally cooler than in Chengdu. You will need to bring more layers.

Shijing Monastery of Longquan in Chengdu

Shijing Monastery is a Chinese Buddhist Monastery built in late Eastern Han Dynasty about 1800 years ago. It is located 50km south east to the city of Chengdu. It is a tranquil Buddhist complex and a nice place to have a day trip to.

Longquan Shijing Monastery
Shijing Monastery of Longquan

Shijing means Buddhist books carved on stone. Shijing Monastery was called Lingyin Monastery from Tang Dynasty and it is considered one of the Great Buddhist Lin of Sichuan. It was refurnished in Ming Dynasty in about 1500BC and used as the first sacred place for the great Buddhist master of Tsongkhapa, an important figure in Tibetan history. Shijing Monastery is composed of different halls built along the slope of the mountain side of Longquan.

How to Get to Chengdu Panda Breeding Base from the City using Public Transfer

There are a few ways of getting to Chengdu Panda Base from the city.

Chengdu Panda Base Travel Tips
Chengdu Panda Base
  1. Bus

Bus routes 87, 198, 198a will pass Chengdu Panda Base.

Route 87 goes between Chengdu Zhaojusi Bus Station between Longtansi Gongyeyuan. Both terminals are a little far from the city center. So you need to transfer to Zhaojuesi Bus Station(the one terminal that is closer to the city center, easier to get to) first.

Route 198 and 198a departs from Chengdu Zoo Bus Station, it is also a little far from the city center. You also need to get to Chengdu Zoo first and transit to route 198 or 198a.

Bus ticket cost 2 yuan per ride.

  1. Chengdu Tourist Shuttle Bus

There are Tourist sites shuttle buses you can consider. This way is easier as they are running between major tourist sites in Chengdu. You can find more information of this here. The cost is usually below 15 depends on where you start.

  1. Taxi

Taxi costs about 30 to 40 yuan from the center of the city to Chengdu Panda Base.

How much are the entrance fees to Mount Emei?

Mount Emei is one the most expensive tourist attractions in terms of its entrance fees in Sichuan. You will need about 500 yuan in total to visit Mount Emei. First you need to buy a 90-yuan tourist bus for your ride forth and back from Leidongping Park from the base of the mountain. On half way of the bus ride, you will need to be off the bus to buy the entrance ticket which costs 185 per adult. And this is not the end. After the walking you reach Jieyindian the cable car station where you need to pay 120 yuan to buy cable car ticket for round trip using cable car. Plus if you plan to visit Wannian Temple there will be other costs. The entrance to Wanian Temple is only 10 yuan but the cable car costs 120 yuan double way. Another option to get to Wannian Temple is by walking which takes about 2 hours while using the vable car it takes only 5 minutes. Costs of visiting Mount Emei for the entrance charges and services:

Mount Emei
Mount Emei Travel Guide

Tourist site bus ride: 90 yuan obligatory unless you are doing a hiking up to Mount Emei from Qinyin Pavilion, which still you need to pay 40 yuan for the bus ride to Wuxiangang Car Park.

Entrance Charge: 185 yuan, obligatory.

Cable Car to Golden Top: upward 65 yuan and downward 55 yuan, optional.

Cable Car to Wannian Temple: upward 60 yuan and downward 50 yuan, optional.

Entrance Charge to Wannian Temple: 10 yuan obligatory.

Entrance Charge to Baoguo Monastery: 8 yuan obligatory

Heavy Snow in Kangding in February, 2016

Last Week in Kangding we had a heavy snow. Road to Zheduo Pass was closed due to the heavy snow. Drivers had to put the chains on the wheels while driving. And many self-driving visitors stuck in Kangding for a while.

Zheduo Pass
Kangding Travel Season

Heavy snow is normal in Kangding in winter. Usually the first snow came by October each year and last until the next April. But in a sunny day it can be quite warm. And in Kangding in winter, there are usually more sunny days than snowy days.

If you plan to travel here in winter, it is better to read the weather forecast before hand and prepare for possible bad weather. Sunglasses are necessary to protect your eyes from the snow everywhere and a strong walking boots are helpful.