What is the best time to travel to Chengdu?

The best season to travel to Chengdu is from March to November.

Weather in Chengdu
Chengdu Climate Information

Chengdu locates in the sub-tropical region so its climate is also sub-tropical. Generally mild climate not too hot in summer neither too cold in winter. Average temperature is about 16C with extremes highest at 37C and lowest at -6C. It has four distinct four seasons although spring and fall feel short. The monsoon season is in July and August, they are also the hottest season of the year. Temperature of July and August are as high as 35C. Heavy shower are best possibly seen in July and August.

Chengdu Climate
Detailed Weather Information of Chengdu

The days of rainfall drop to the lowest by December and January, which being the coldest time of the year as well. The temperature of December and January in Chengdu drops to 0C sometimes even a bit lower. Buy snow is not common in Chengdu.

Summer is humid and your skin will normally feel sticky. May and September may have the biggest temperature difference in a day but it is the most comfortable time weather-wise. September may also see a consecutive days of drizzling for up to 3 weeks. Winter in Chengdu is the least favored season probably. The air quality becomes the worst in December and January.

Mount Kawalori

Kawalori is the name of 5992-meter mountain located by the town of Ganzi. This place is one of the unexplored areas in Sichuan. It is a very beautiful place but not well-known even among local Sichuan People. It attracts adventure travelers every year.

Mount Kawalori

Kawalori is considered a god in local belief. One can get to Kawalori from either Xinlong or Ganzi. Kawalori is on eof the 13 gods in Buddhism. Yet two sides of the mountain hold two different spectacles towards Kawalori however both group of people regard Kawalori as a god. From Ganzi, Gelugpa Buddhism is popular and from Xinlong, local Bonpo is popular. In both beliefs, people do a pilgrimage every 12 years to worship the god Kawalori.It is believed Kawalori is the god of fortune, it brings people fortune.

From south of the entrance of Kawalori Park, you enter into a very remote paradise with great views of streams, peaks and rock faces. Here travelers can see the authentic life of local Tibetans.

Ganzi Monastery

Ganzi Monastery is located at Ganzi town in western Sichuan in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Region. It is one of the 13 Huoer Holy Monasteries in Tibet.

Ganzi Monastery
Ganzi Monastery

It has a history of about 400 years and later destroyed during the Cultural Revolution and rebuilt in around 1980. It is one of the biggest monasteries in this area. The number of the monks topped in Qing Dynasty at around 3000 but today it has about 400 monks. It is also a Gelugpa Monastery. This monastery is four-story tall and many monk dormitories around the temple. One of the leaders of Ganzi Monastery used to be one of the three candidates of the 11th Dalai Lama. It inherited its tradition of Gelugpa study of Buddhism. Travelers visiting Ganzi can have drive to the monastery for only about 10 minutes up to the mountain side, from where you can view the whole town of Ganzi and also the mountain range lying by the south of the town.

The Town of Ganzi (Ganzixian)

Ganzixian is located in the northwest of Ganzi Prefecture. It is one of the centers of northern Kham. It is 385km northwest to the town of Kangding. Ganzi means holy and beautiful. This meaning does not exaggerated even a little. Ganzi is truly holy and beautiful. The history of Ganzi dates back to about 1300 years ago.


Ganzi Yalong River
Ganzi xian Travel Information

Over 95% of its population is Tibetan people. And the total population is about 60 thousand. Compare to other places in Kham, Ganzi is less drier but similarly cold. The town of Ganzi locates at the elevation of around 3400 meters. It has a lot of sunlight throughout the year.The town is currently under construction (in 2015) due to the need for more space to live and for a better traffic situation. This town will have its first airport in the next few years.

Cold but wonderful days


Recently, affected by the constant snow in neighboring places, Chengdu welcomed the coldest days in past a few years. But people here cared little about the low temperatures. They eagerly wished to have a heavy snowfall, which is as impossible as a flood in the desert.Fortunately it was sunny. People wouldn’t miss any chance to enjoy the sunshine because the sun doesn’t come to Chengdu often actually.