Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean World

Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean World is by the south of Tianfu Avenue, Huayang, Chengdu. It is an aquarium and the biggest aquarium in Chengdu. It was opened in 2010 and has features of different ocean animals include polar bear, penguins, dolphins, white whales, sea lions and many other kinds of sea fishes. Polar animal displaying hall, Whales and dolphins performing hall, a theater, ocean life displaying hall compose to the polar park.

Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean World
Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean World

An full price ticket costs 130 per person and seniors between 60 to 69, children with height between 1.2 to 1.5 meters only need to pay 70 yuan. And those who are over 70 years old or under the height of 1.2 meters are free to go in. The buses goes to the park include 501, local 4, 819, 805, 817, 501, 828, 815.

Gaoshengqiao Antique Market

The Gaoshengqiao Antique Market is one of the antique markets in Chengdu. It is located at Luoma Plaza by Gaoshengqiao in Wuhou District in Chengdu. This market opens on Saturday and Sundays in the morning. The sellers sell things from old potteries to Chinese paintings.

Gaoshengqiao Antique Market
Street Stall at Gaoshengqiao Chengdu

It is a very good place to search for possible precious and ancient items. You may find some bracelet very expensive because it was used by some important people in Chinese history or some china products made in Ming Dynasty or even older. It is a very interesting place where the sellers display their goods on the floor. Some of them are fake and among them there maybe genuine ones. Most of the items been sold there will first be offered at a high price, so negotiations are necessary if you do want to buy. But the high price does not guarantee authenticity of the item. Normally one will have to have a lot of knowledge about Chinese history to make an informed decision.

Chengdu Zoo

Zoo in Chengdu has a collection of different animals range from rhinos and ostriches to pandas and golden monkeys. Chengdu Zoo is located by the north of the city close to Zhaojuesi Bus Station and neighboring the Zhaojue Monastery. It is within the 3rd ring road and easy to go there by buses and taxis from the city.

Chengdu Zoo
Zoo in Chengdu

The south gate of the zoo enters from Zhaojue Monastery and the north gate exits to Zhaojue Bus Station. In the zoo, there are chimpanzees, gibbons, tigers, lions, leopards, wolves, giraffes, elephants, hippos, rhinos, zebras, antelopes, bears, snakes, birds and giant pandas.

It is a good place for kids. The park opens on everyday from 8:00 to 18:00. The ticket costs 16 yuan per person. Child less than 1.2m is free to go in.

Chengdu East Railway Station

Chengdu east railway station is the biggest railway station in Chengdu. It is located by the eastern suburb near the third ring road. It runs mainly fast trains in and around Sichuan Province.


chengdu East Railway Station
Sichuan Chengdu east railway station travel tip

The station is very big. Many people found it difficult to navigate themselves in the station. It has two distinguish locations which are called East Square and West Square. It has three levels in total. The ground level is in the middle level and it is the platform level where passengers get on and off the train. The upper level is the departure level and there are ticket offices by the entrance on both East and West squares. And the lower level is for arrivals. So if you depart from Chengdu east railway station, go to the upper level. If you arrive, you will arrive and finally be out at the lower level. If you wish to use public transport, go to the ground level where you can find buses and taxis and even a scheduled shuttle bus to the airport. If you are using subway, go even lower from the lower level. The subway is easy to access because the sighs are clear and the entrances for subways are just by the exits from your train.

Please notice that if you are traveling with big luggage, try to double-check the exact locations you want to go (for example, either the place to take taxi or the place to take the airport shuttle bus) with the polices there. Because some of the elevators are not working and it’s not easy and will waste a lot of time to drag your luggage around the big station.

And the workers at the station are not too many. For international travelers, if you need any information and try to find some help, you may ask the police. There are plenty of them.

The Eastern Suburb Memories of Chengdu

Eastern Suburb Memories of Chengdu is a music park built on a deserted old factory. It is featured with music industry and music culture experiences as well as industrial factories from 50 years ago. It is located in the eastern suburb by the second ring road in Chengdu. Seasonal music festivals are hold in this park and it has attracted many music lovers in Chengdu. It is considered a modern art corner of Chengdu, corresponding to 798 in Beijing. This complex shows the days of industrial and communist China about half century ago. Many slogans were intentionally painted on the wall as memories of communist China. If one wants to see Chengdu in the last 50 years, this is a good place to visit. In the park, many music bars were established around the former factory buildings. This park is also a popular place among photography lovers.

Chengdu Eastern Memory Park
Chengdu Music Park

Wangjianglou Park

WangJianglou park is one of the major parks in Chengdu. It is located by Shahe River next to Sichuan University. This park is featured with bamboos. There are over a hundred kinds of different bamboos in this park. Part of the park needs a 20 yuan entrance fee to go in. It is the northern part where several constructions were built in memory of a famous female poet from Tang Dynasty. Her name is Xue Tao. She was listed as one of the four greatest female poets in Sichuan history and one of the eight most talented and beautiful (fengchen) women in Chinese history. Xue Tao had written some 500 poems and among them less that 100 left today. She worked as officials and traveled to many places in Sichuan. She is still believed to be a legend in history, given that women didn’t have any privileges during her time. There is a Xue Tao museum built inside this park, surrounded by many green bamboos. It is a very educative museum. There is also a pagoda called WJ pagoda, which is where the name of the park came from. This pagoda is one of the icons of Chengdu. Other parts of this park include several tea houses and a small amusement park for the kids.

Wangjianglou Park
Wangjianglou Pagoda

And this park is probably the place where they have the most bamboos after the Chengdu Panda Breeding Center. It has a wide collection of different bamboos. A museum featured solely for information about the bamboos. In this museum displayed many pieces of bamboo-made handicrafts through different times in China. It is very interesting to see that ancient Chinese people can make so many useful things out of bamboo.

To visit Wangjiang Park, there are buses include335, 19 and 35 are available. Approximately 2 hours are enough to tour this park.