Chengdu Big Event – International Museum Day

Today(18th, May) is the International Museum Day. It is a great day to visit museums to see, to learn about our history. Chengdu, as a city of more than 4500 years old, has many famous and brilliant museums. Many of them are open for publics for free, and some are not. And in annual International Museum Day, most museums in Chengdu usually charge free, including some popular attraction sites – such as Sichuan Provincial Museum, Jinshan Ruin Museum, Dufu Caotang Museum, Wuhou Temple, etc. Some museums offer discount price, such as Sanxingdui Museum, Jianchuan Museum.

Jinsha Museum in Chengdu
Jinsha Museum in Chengdu

Crowding Labor’s Days in Sichuan

The May 1sth is the International Labor’s Day. Chinese have three days holiday to take a rest, relax or take a vacation. Many people crowded to the hot attractions in Sichuan, such as Emeishan, Leshan, Jiuzhaigou, etc.

On the first day, 20521 tourists visited Leshan for the famous Giant Buddha. There are also 15338 travellers came to Mount Emei. It is now the best time to enjoy the marvelous azalea blossoms in Emeishan. Another “tourist heat” Jiuzhaigou greeted more than 13260 visitors on the May 1st.

It is unexpected that Jianmenguan attracted more than 31000 tourists which is the largest number of travelers in the first day.

As for foreign friends, I don’t recommend you travel during the Labor’s Days in China.
Mount Emei Spring Festival