Chengmianle Railway Passenger Line – A New Way to Discover Sichuan Province

Chengmianle railway passenger line, the 300km of intercity rail, is the first high-speed passenger-dericated line in Sichuan province,as well as the west of China. From north to south, it stars from Jiangyou city, passing by Mianyang city, Deyang, Guanghan, Chengdu, Pengshan, Meishan, Jiajiang, Leshan to Mount Emei.

Cities with Main Attractions along Chengmianle Railway
Cities with Main Attractions along Chengmianle Railway

Along the railway from north to south, there lies many cultural and natural sites, such as the Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan, Chengdu city, Giant Buddha in Leshan and the gorgouse Mount Emei.

Attractions along Chengmianle High-speed Railway

Sanxingdui Museum (Guanghan City)

It takes just 20 minutes by train from Chengdu to Guanghan, where Sanxingdui- the ruins of ancient Shu kingdom over 4,000 years ago is. The Sanxingdui Museum, based on the ruins, showcases a great number of relics and the best of the art of cooper in ancient China.

Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan City
Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan City

Giant Panda Base (Chengdu City)

While you visiting Sichuan, the hometown of Giant Pandas, you will never miss the chance to visit the Giant Panda Base in Chengdu. Here you can see the lovely pandas and even get the chance to get close to them.

Giant Panda Sichuan
Have fun with cute Pandas in Chengdu

Leshan Giant Buddha (Leshan City)

The world largest Giant Buddha of Leshan is always a must-see attractions for travelors visiting Sichuan.It is more convenient for travelers to get to the Giant Buddha from Chengdu by high-speed train than by car. You will have more time appreciating the marvelous Giant Buddha and enjoying the dilicious local snacks.

Go to Visit Leshan Giant Buddha by Chengmianle Railway
Go to Visit Leshan Giant Buddha by Chengmianle Railway

Mount Emei

Visitors now can spend about only 1 hour from Chengdu to Mt.Emei, the amazing Buddhism and natural site, by this high-speed train. It’s more convenient to get to Mount Emei directly from the Shuangliu International Airport or the Railway station in Chengdu.

Mount Emei Spring Festival

It also connected Shuangliu International Airport and Chengdu South Railway Station. It is more convenient for visitors who are short in time to arrange their trip in Sichuan.